Hui is a Chinese illustrator and graphic designer lives in New York. She draws whatever and whenever.  She is mostly inspired by stories related to people of color, gender minorities, and her own dreams. When she is not drawing, she enjoys traveling, watching an old movie, spending time with friends, and petting her demanding cat.

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Slant’d Issue 01
Slant’d Issue 02
        2019.    solo exhibition.      Paradise Lust. YUI Gallery. New York,U.S.
        2019.    group exhibition.    Conception Arts. M-15. New York, U.S.
2019.    group exhibition.    What A Woman  Artosino Gallery. New York, U.S.
2018.    group exhibition.    Ripple(涟漪)Usagi Gallery. New York, U.S..
2018.    group exhibition.    Xeno-  (外人)   Chinatown Soup Gallery. New York, U.S.
2018.    group exhibition.     Whisper (局部振动)  Mountain Store(一山杂物), Chengdu, China.
2017.     group exhibition.     The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery, New York, U.S.
2016.    group exhibition.      HYGGE. Pratt Terrian Design Gallery. New York, U.S.
2012.    group exhibition.     Art and design gallery, Tsinghua Univerdity, Beijing, China.

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