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    Hui is a 🏳️‍🌈 illustrator and graphic designer who travels between 🇨🇳 and  🇺🇸. She has earned MFA degree at School of Visual Art, Illustration as Visual Essay program, and MFA Communication Design at Pratt Institute.

    Inspired by pop culture, art history and culture from different regions, her works explores human intimacy with a humor tone. By integrating these elements, she creates scenes that are familiar but unexpected. She likes using extreme bright colors to depict human body which evoke collected memories and imagination. Most of her works are done by watercolor, which is inspired by her experience of learning traditional Chinese painting in her early age. The combination of water and color expresses the fluidity and the stream of subconscious.

    When she is not 🎨, she enjoys making accessries, watching old 🎬 with 🍷, or visiting new places and talk to strangers.

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2021.   group exhibition.    Wunderkammer.  Design og arkitektur Norge. Oslo, Norway.
2021.   group exhibition.    Pride.  Vermont Studio Center. Online.  
2021.   art festival.             Singularity Plan. (奇点计划) Shanghai, China.
2020.   art festival.             Mid-Autume. Think!Chinatown. New York, U.S.
2020.   art festival.             Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Seattle, U.S.
2020.   dual exhibition.      Semi-Freud. NYArts Center. New York, U.S.
2019.   solo exhibition.       Paradise Lust. YUI Gallery. New York,U.S.
2019.   art festival.              Conception Arts. M-15. New York, U.S.
2019.   group exhibition.    What A Woman.  Artosino Gallery. New York, U.S.
2018.   group exhibition.    Ripple.(涟漪)Usagi Gallery. New York, U.S. 
2018.   group exhibition.    Xeno-.(外人)   Chinatown Soup Gallery. New York, U.S.
2018.   group exhibition.    Whisper.(局部振动)  Mountain Store(一山杂物), Chengdu, China.
2017.   group exhibition.    The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery, New York, U.S.
2016.   group exhibition.    HYGGE. Pratt Terrian Design Gallery. New York, U.S.
2012.   group exhibition.    Art and design gallery, Tsinghua Univerdity, Beijing, China.