Lily Pond

My life is about moving, both physically and mentally.

Spent my childhood in Japan, teenage life in China, and moving to one country to another after graduating from college, I constantly seek for my soul home, only realize it might exist only in imagination. The unsettling feeling has also effected my mentality. In Zen Buddhism, finding calm in unsettlement is considered virtue, and water represents the calm spirit. My work is influenced by the ideation and always interested in the inner fluidity.

In my undergraduate school, I used glass as my major material. The hard crystal-like glass turned into liquid under extremely high temperature has always amazed me. While I don’t limit myself to only one material.

In this series, I created the similar feeling of natural fluidity through acrylics. When looking at the details of final paintings, people can feel the mind flow with the patterns. It is therapeutic. The color is inspired by Monet’s water lily pond serious. When I visited museums in France, his painting has resonated me with meditational calm experiments, with a hint of excitement from the wild brush strokes. I want to create the impressionist’s sensation, as well as the soothing, spiritual characters.

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