Canal St. station. 
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Recipe for Spreading the Plague
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July 25
Recipe for Spreading the Plague

In the fourteenth century fanatical custodians of the Catholic faith declared war on cats in Europe’s cities.
These diabolical animals, instruments of Satan, were crucified, skewered, skinned alive or chucked into bonfires.
Then the rats, liberated from their worst enemies, came to rule the cities. And the Black Death, transmitted by rats, killed thirty million Europeans.

(Children of the Days by Eduardo Galeano)

On the Raining Day
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William and Anna were happily married for decades, no children, but life has treated them satisfying. After Anna passed away, the house seems huge and empty, with full of memory about her. So William has grown a habit of walking to the park, sit and watch people. Listening to people chatting and laughing, makes William feels a bit less sad and lonely. Today, as usual, sitting on the bench for hours, suddenly the rain poured. The crowd opened their umbrella and rushing to the nearest bar. William forgot his umbrella, only got a piece of newspaper someone left there. Anna always the one taking care of things like lunch, clothes, their anniversary, neighbor's birthday, and of course, umbrella. She's so organized and careful. How can he live without her! He suddenly misses her a little bit more.

watercolor, photoshop, 2017

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Grandmas’ Tea Party
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